Stay with us and everything will be okay.
~ The Astronaut to Lisa
This is the relationship between Lisa and The Astronaut in Zathura. 

The Astronaut calming down Lisa


Lisa wakes from her stasis, and unaware of the current events, turns up the thermostat. This causes the Zorgons to return, anchoring their ships to the house. The four evacuate to the upper floor but realize they have left the game downstairs.

Lisa begins to freak out at everything happening in the house and almost leaves. The Astronaut stops her from leaving, grab ahold of her to calm her down and tells her if she would stay with them, everything would be okay. Captivated by his blue eyes, Lisa falls in love with the Astronaut, and willingly agrees, telling him that she will never leave him.

Danny uses the house's dumbwaiter to sneak past the aliens and retrieve the game. Danny manages to get the game aboard one of the ships, but is caught by the Zorgons when he attempts to get back on the dumbwaiter. Walter uses the "Reprogram" card to get the self-repairing robot to attack the Zorgons, and the aliens retreat. As the brothers continue to play the game, Walter receives another wish card. He uses it to bring back the Astronaut's brother, which turns out to be Danny. The Astronaut explains he is an older Walter from an alternate timeline. Danny and Walter touch their counterparts causing them to disappear. Lisa is alarmed to find that she had fallen for an older version of her brother, Walter.

Moments later, the house is back on Earth, whose structure and furnishings are as they were before the game began and in perfect condition. As the trio's mother arrives to take them to her house, Lisa orders Walter and Danny to never speak of what happened though Walter teases Lisa about her crush briefly. As they leave, Walter's bike which appeared floating in space several times drops onto the lawn.


  • "Stay with us and everything will be okay."
  • "I'll never leave you."
  • "He has gorgous eyes."