Walter Browning is one of the two main characters of Zathura: A Space Adventure. He is the younger brother of Lisa and the older brother of Danny. He is played by Josh Hutcherson.


Walter has a mild distaste for Danny towards the start of the story. Walter stereotypes Danny based on his previous actions, and discourages any relationship with him. Walter blames Danny for all of his problems. The Astronaut teaches Walter that unity is better than hostility by telling him of his experiences playing Zathura. Walter assumes that he is correct in all situations, but is mostly proven to be sadly mistaken. If you haven't noticed Walter has brown eyes and older Walter has blue eyes.


Danny BrowningEdit

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Walter and Danny were mean to each other at the beginning. They wouldn't get along and Walter constantly called Danny a baby. When Danny and their Dad were playing catch in the front yard, Walter was mad that Danny could even have a turn since he was constantly messing up. While in space, Danny seemed to have better luck than Walter even though Walter was in the lead. When Danny spun the Astronaut, things changed. Danny and Walter were fighting over who was a cheater and baby. The Astronaut calmed them down and saved Walter from his "Automatic Ejection". When Danny was going to retrieve the game when Zorgons were about to take it, Walter was a supportive brother and calmed Danny. During the time a fleet of Zorgons were blasting the house, Danny won the game and Walter wasn't jealous. For the rest of the movie, Walter was nice.

The AstronautEdit

The Astronaut didn't trust Walter that much when he first arrived at the house. He called Danny the big boy although Walter was older than him. When Walter was fighting with Danny, the Astronaut attempted to cease hostilities. Then when Walter rolled a shooting star, he wished the Astronaut had his brother back after he told his story about how he wished his brother away and got stuck in space forever. Once his brother was back, everyone realized it was Danny. The real Danny thought Walter wished for two Dannys. Apparently the Astronaut is actually an older version of Walter. After the Astronaut's brother disappeared when the two Dannys touched each other, the Astronaut touched Walter's shoulder and thanked him. Then the Astronaut disappeared.

Lisa BrowningEdit

Lisa doesn't exactly care for Walter unless there is an emegency.She got mad at Walter for setting the house on fire even though the fire was small. Walter still cares for Lisa, and was sad that the black hole sucked her up. Then she returned at the end.



  • When the first shooting star came, the Astronaut thought that Walter would wish Danny away after their fight, but instead Walter wished for a football.